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Article 8 - Reaching of the joint decision

Article 8

Reaching of the joint decision

1.   The consolidating supervisor shall revise the draft joint decision, as necessary, to reflect the conclusions of the dialogue referred to in Article 7(4), and draw up a final draft joint decision.

2.   The consolidating supervisor shall send the final draft joint decision to the relevant competent authorities without undue delay and by the deadline specified in the timetable pursuant to Article 5(2)(i), setting them a deadline within which they are to provide their written agreement which may be sent by electronic means.

3.   The relevant competent authorities receiving the final draft joint decision and not disagreeing with it shall provide to the consolidating supervisor their written agreement within the set deadline.

4.   A joint decision shall be deemed as reached only when all relevant competent authorities have provided their written agreement.

5.   The joint decision shall consist of the joint decision and the written agreements attached thereto. The joint decision shall be provided to all relevant competent authorities by the consolidating supervisor.