Smart legal research
for financial regulatory law

Smart legal research
for financial regulatory law

judict makes working with EU financial regulatory law easy. Our features render european legal acts more accessible and our database ensures that you have a daily updated overview of all relevant content from the supervisory authorities.

In our fully operational showcase database, the CRR Tool, we demonstrate our features and link all related content to the CRR, the EU Capital Requirements Regulation.

Our partners have access to a gradually growing number of legal acts in EU banking, capital markets and regulatory law.
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Quick definitions

European legal acts contain many legal definitions. It’s easy to overlook a definition or mistake its scope of application. In addition, looking up definitions disturbs the reading flow and takes up time.

With our quick definition feature, all defined terms within a legal act are automatically found, underlined in black and explained when you hover over them. This means you no longer have to switch back and forth between articles or wonder whether you have taken all the relevant definitions into account.

‘original lender’ means an original lender as defined in point (20) of Article 2 of Regulation (EU) 2017/2402.

‘original lender’ means an entity which, itself or through related entities, directly or indirectly, concluded the original agreement which created the obligations or potential obligations of the debtor or potential debtor giving rise to the exposures being securitised.

-Reference from 2017/2402 (in force)
Scope of Application:
Entire act


Whenever a definition makes a cross-reference to another legal act, we display not only the original definition but also the one that is referenced. This saves you the time-consuming task of looking up the referenced definition in the other legal act.


In each case we provide you with the origin of the definition. Clicking on the origin will redirect you to the article in which the term is defined. There you will be taken to the corresponding passage and the defined term will be highlighted in yellow.

Scope of application

We point out the general scope of application of the definition. In addition, a green or orange box on top of the pop-up window indicates whether the article you are currently consulting falls within this scope and whether the definition is therefore applicable or not.

Ever-growing library

With the help of NLP techniques (natural language processing), judict analyses the websites of the EBA, ESMA, ECB, BaFin and EUR-Lex on a daily basis.

We have screened more than 25.000 database entries, web pages and documents from the institutions’ websites for content related to the legal acts in EU financial regulatory law. Our algorithms detect all relevant content and add it to our library. A subsequent quality control ensures the high standard of our library data.
Number of documents analysed:
EBA documents
BaFin webpages
EUR-Lex webpages
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Working with EU law made easy

In addition to the integration of quick definitions, related documents and Level 2 legal acts we offer a range of features designed to make it easier for you to work with EU legislative texts. These include, inter alia, a smart collapsible table of contents, a live full-text search and an amendment history for each article within a legal act.
smart table of contents

Smart table of contents

The collapsible table of contents (ToC) not only saves you a lot of scrolling, but also gives you an indication of the type of documents linked to the specific articles.
live full-stext-search

Live full-text search

Search through the legal acts by any keyword and see the results immediately. Automatic grouping by articles allows for quick and easy navigation. This takes keyword searching to a new level.
consolidated versions

Consolidated versions

The latest available versions are provided whenever legal acts are amended. For all legal acts, it is possible to switch between the versions through an easy-to-use drop-down list which allows users to contrast the different consolidated versions.
deep links

Deep links

References to other legal acts are automatically recognised and highlighted in blue. This facilitates navigation between the different legal acts and reduces the overall research time. An example of a deep link can be seen here: 'Regulation 575/2013'.
Amendment History

Amendment History New

For each article within a legal act, you can see how it changed over time. Clicking on the Amendment History button opens a window with a timeline showing when, how and by which amending act the respective article was amended.
Upcoming amendments

Upcoming amendments New

When an article will be subject to change, a notice box gives an indication of the upcoming amendments. The notice box also contains the date as of which the amendments will apply and a reference to the Amending legal act.

Our vision

Our vision is to facilitate access to all areas of EU law by offering a truly comprehensive database. No more jumping back and forth between different websites. No more questioning whether the information you find is complete and up-to-date. Automatically analysing high volumes of legal documents, we want to provide the best possible overview of all EU law resources and save you valuable time.